Kylerianne Mayejisoth

Ace Pilot


Female Android [Ace Pilot] Operative 1
CN Medium Humanoid (android)
Init + 5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception + 5
Languages Castrovelian, Common, Elven, Vercite, [+ 1 more]

KAC 15; EAC 14
( + 1 armor, + 4 Dex)
( + 0 armor, + 4 Dex)
Hit Points 10 (1 HD); Stamina Points 6
Immune does not breathe, suffers no penalties for operating in a vacuum
Weakness android weakness (treated as both humanoid and construct for effects targeting by type, whichever is worse)
Fort + 0, Ref + 6, Will + 2
[ + 2 vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison, sleep; unless specifically target constructs]

Speed 40 ft.
Ranged shirren-eye rifle + 4 (1d10 P; increment 70 ft./sniper 250 ft.) [unwieldy]
Melee tactical baton + 4 (1d4 B; operative)
Base Atk + 0; Grp + 0
Combat Options trick attack + 1d4 (full-round action, move up to speed, melee attack, Stealth vs. DC 20 + CR, flat-footed plus extra damage)

Abilities Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 8; Resolve Points 5
SQ operative’s edge + 1, specialization (ghost)
Proficiencies basic melee weapons, light armor, small arms, sniper weapons
Feats Fleet
Skills Acrobatics + 9, Athletics + 5, Bluff + 3, Computers + 8, Culture + 8 ( + 5 about starship/vehicle models and famous pilots), Disguise + 3, Engineering + 8, Intimidate + 3, Life Science -, Medicine + 8, Mysticism + 2, Perception + 5, Physical Science -, Piloting + 10, Profession (any) + 4, Sense Motive + 3, Sleight of Hand + 9, Stealth + 9, Survival + 5

Special + 2 vs. others’ Sense Motive checks
Skill Ranks Acrobatics 1, Athletics 1, Computers 1, Culture 1, Engineering 1, Medicine 1, Mysticism 1, Perception 1, Piloting 1, Sense Motive 1, Sleight of Hand 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1; operative’s edge grants +1 insight bonus to all skill checks

Equipment combat gear plus android armor upgrade slot (empty), flight suit stationwear, tactical shirren-eye rifle (analog, unwieldy) with 50 rounds, tactical baton (analog, operative), 0 credits; Encumbrance 1 (4L), Bulk Limit 5.


Physical Description

Kylerianne stands just a hair under six feet tall, with long black hair and a whip-thin athletic frame speaking to the hours of exercise she puts in daily. Her green eyes and pointed ears are distinctly elf-like, and she has elaborate patterns of deep green glowing circuitry located discreetly along her temples and the back of her neck. Unlike many androids, Kylerianne has altered them so they can go dark at any time, so as not to give her away when sneaking around.

Kylerianne moves with the easy grace of a martial artist, and her long black hair is always tied back into a ponytail which would drop halfway down her back if it weren’t always tucked into the back of her shirt. Kylerianne always wears pants, and her shirts have tight 3/4-length sleeves to strike a balance between environmental protection and her pronounced willingness to get her hands dirty (literally).


Kylerianne is perhaps unique in the Pact Worlds, in that she has been born three times during her life. Androids are, of course, synthetic bodies animated by souls. Where the souls come from and where they go to is something of a mystery, but it is unquestioned fact that (1) they have souls, (2) those souls can come and go, and (3) the souls are always unique, or at least not ones that have knowledge of visiting the Pact Worlds before.

Kylerianne’s existence, however, has caused some to question the third assertion.

Kylerianne was originally born an elf, some time during the Gap. Unlike most who lived through the Gap, she exited the Gap with no memories whatsoever. This was her second birth. Unlike the older elves, she chose to reinvent herself from scratch, finding that she looked outward to the stars instead of down to Castrovel. Following some inner calling, she ended up on Verces.

Following Triune’s ascendance and revelation of the Drift engine barely three years after the end of the Gap, the Vercites constructed the first FTL starship, the Chaos Wyrm, captained by the android Aleksana Guryari. While anyone can remember this, what most do not remember was the vast discomfort most Vercites had with the idea of a machine-god hive-mind dictating plans for a mysterious drive which would somehow bridge the distances between the stars. When Captain Guryari was looking for people to crew her ship, she was faced with deafening silence. Aside from the developer of the Drift engine himself, who was not prepared to let anyone else take “his” ship away from him, Captain Guryari only had three other volunteers: a verthani pilot by the name of Shodan, a gnomish medic, and Kylerianne. Kylerianne was relatively unskilled compared to the others, but she made up for it in the breadth of her skillset instead. Captain Guryari brought Kylerianne along as a backup everyman, although it was probably fortunate that she was never needed.

During the trip, Kylerianne kept herself busy learning everything she could, from cooking to piloting to repairing the drive. When Shodan found out that she had a natural knack for piloting, he made sure to train her as much as he could. Kylerianne found out, much to her surprise, that she loved flying.

Once the Chaos Wyrm returned, notoriety descended on the other four. Between her not really having done anything of importance on the trip and her deliberately avoiding the limelight, Kylerianne managed to keep herself more or less out of the media frenzy. Kylerianne never wanted any of the media notoriety, even the more restrained amount that still came her way. She had gotten what she needed out of the trip – a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Kylerianne had come to realize that she was, first and foremost, an explorer. Unlike many, it was simply the act of exploring that gave her pleasure, not anything that she might find.

After the Chaos Wyrm, Kylerianne commenced her exploration of the Golarion system. She traveled from place to place simply to travel. She knew when the Golarion system first made contact with the Veskarium almost ten years later, but she hadn’t paid it much attention until the Veskarium war fleet descended over Aledra, where she happened to be at the time.

The Battle of Aledra, in 36 AG, was brutal. After the initial landing in the central park, which the Vesk cleared with napalm and poison gas, the fighting quickly devolved into a brutal slogging match of house-to-house battles. Kylerianne participated in the battle almost to the end, but never achieved much of note. Early in the fighting, she was guarding a human sniper when a particularly well-aimed artillery shell spattered the two of them with shrapnel. The human took the brunt of the burst and died almost instantly, so Kylerianne took up his sniper rifle and kept the bullets flying. Over time, she proved to be quite good with a sniper rifle, and she has always kept one to hand whenever possible since. Despite never particularly distinguishing herself during the battle, she racked up a mildly-impressive 86 kills during the fighting, simply by virtue of not dying herself.

Near the end of the fighting, however, as the Veskarium were preparing to leave, Kylerianne was hit by a stray napalm incendiary, suffering burns over two-thirds of her body. She spent the next nine months being treated for third-degree burns, and missed the end of the battle.

After her recovery, Kylerianne stayed on Triaxus for an entire season (80 years), exploring some of the stranger ends of the planet, from Aylok to Zo. In some places she was welcomed, in some she was shunned, but even in Aylok she was not turned away.

One of the most beautiful – and most challenging – places Kylerianne ever visited was the Reaching Mountains of Ayurgeshod. Before the Gap, Mt. Ayirgeshod was the tallest mountain on the face of Triaxus, and so sheer that barely three dozen successful ascents had been made. During the Gap, however, something very bizarre happened. Now, most of Mt. Ayirgeshod floats in eccentric orbits around the point where its highest peak used to be; half of the mountain simply floats, unmoving, above that same point. In order to climb the Reaching Mountains now, Kylerianne had to climb about a third of the way up the mountain, then camp for several days as she observed the movements of the orbiting boulders (some as much as a hundred yards across) while simultaneously making sure none of them were going to collide with her camp (this does happen on occasion). Then, she had to literally leap off of a cliff (with perfect timing) in order to land (after a forty-foot drop into empty space) on an orbiting boulder that managed to float close enough. Three more transfers were needed, each involving a leap of faith into the void, before she managed to make her way to the floating half of the mountain. Falling at this point would be deadly, as the ten-thousand-foot gap between the top and bottom portions of the mountain would be enough to kill anyone. Battling gale-force winds, constant blizzards, and incredibly deadly altitude sickness, Kylerianne fought her way to the top, to become the third person since the Gap to reach the summit – and the first to make it back down safely without using a spacecraft.

While on Triaxus, Kylerianne also found the Valley of Priserriapn, an ancient enclave of fellow elves in one of the more remote valleys on the planet, one whose members had never even heard of anything outside their valley. While the elves were warm and welcoming to her, they were worried about much of the news she brought. As much as they appreciated her gifts over the next few years (including several technical handbooks and a few more advanced armors), they asked her to keep their existence secret to keep pirates and especially the Veskarium from simply coming in and taking over. She agreed wholeheartedly, especially since she had heard how xenophobic most elves had become over the past few decades. The Priserriapn elves were not xenophobic, but simply wished to be able to defend themselves before they found themselves embroiled in the Pact Worlds at large.

After Triaxus, Kylerianne finally traveled to Absalom Station for the first time. Unfortunately, she got caught up in a barfight-turned-riot in Drifter’s End, and had to spend several months in the hospital recovering. The medical bills she incurred left her deeply in debt, even after hospital impounded her ship; to add insult to injury, she also ended up addicted to the painkillers they had given her. Penniless and hopelessly addicted to expensive drugs, she ended up selling her skills out to the highest bidders – who, over time, ended up lower and lower as her skills declined due to her failing health.

It took a particularly bad mission on behalf of Pipetown, plus a bad batch of drugs, for Kylerianne to hit rock bottom. (Being shot six times and then setting your nerves on fire for three days with tainted painkillers will do that to you.) Kylerianne took a long, hard look at herself – and hated what she’d become. The first thing she did was quit taking drugs. She couldn’t afford any of the programs available, so she went cold turkey. This taxed her elven implacability to the limit, and there were days when Kylerianne would retreat to tight places, deep in the depths of Absalom Station, and deliberately wedge herself between two pipes until she lost enough weight to be able to wiggle free (usually taking a few days), all so she could avoid anyone who might be able to sell her drugs. This was perhaps the most difficult part of her life, and even today she doesn’t like talking about it much. However, once she had beaten her crippling addiction, Kylerianne quickly found that her skills were still in demand. Once she blew the rust off of skills she hadn’t used in decades, Kylerianne was able to get reasonably-paying jobs as a mercenary, eventually working her way up to purchasing a heavily modified Idaran Voidrunner. The moment she pulled away from Absalom Station, finally flying among the stars again, was a moment she would never forget.

After finally leaving Absalom Station, Kylerianne found herself fighting in the Silent War against the Veskarium. She honed her skills as a pilot and operative against the Veskarium – until terrible mischance led to her being captured. Not having ever encountered elves before, the vesk interrogated her with their usual ferocity…which combined with her weaker skeleton and frame to terrible effect. The vesk thought she was faking her injuries, but her body simply couldn’t take the damage they were dealing out. Ultimately, during an interrogation, a veskarium colonel stomped on her lower back in anger, snapping her spine in two.

Kylerianne spent a few weeks drifting in and out of consciousness as the vesk tried to restore her, but they eventually failed and she finally died, in 225 AG.

Normally, this would be where someone’s story ends, but Kylerianne was born a third time, this time into the body of an android in Tokamak, in the Burning Archipelago.

While androids have always somehow attracted souls to possess them, it was a given that they only attracted souls from somewhere Beyond, not from the same system. Kylerianne shattered those preconceptions, and was equally disturbed in turn once she understood where she was.

While androids were granted full Pact Worlds citizenship 51 years previously, the corporate city of Tokamak had other plans. All androids they created were expected to pay off the expenses of their creation before being set free – but were also charged room and board just high enough that it was functionally impossible that any android would manage to pay off their enormous debts. Kylerianne found herself in a unique position, however. Due to the uniqueness of her soul, she was literally irreplaceable to the scientists and mystics investigating how she came to be; for the same reason, however, her previous expertise meant she was a priceless resource for those trying to infiltrate the other cities. All the while, nobody much cared what Kylerianne had to say about it – she wanted nothing more than to get back out into space amongst the stars, not be stuck inside of one forever.

The time finally came, after some fifty years, when Kylerianne was given a chance to escape. Kylerianne was sent to the neighboring city of Stellacuna to steal some information that the masters of Tokamak desperately needed. Anticipating that she would simply cut and run, however, they implanted a small hybrid bomb in her chest, timed to explode if she had not returned in two weeks. Kylerianne returned in nine days, of course, having accomplished her mission, but the masters of Tokamak never knew what else she had done in the meantime.

Five days later, an uncontrolled jungle box, its files mysteriously corrupted, smashed into the city of Tokamak. This was a disaster the likes of which no one else had ever seen – especially since this jungle box was the first to go feral. The inhabitants quickly overwhelmed the majority of the city. Thousands died, and only a very few managed to escape alive. Kylerianne was part of a large group of androids, all of whom escaped. Some fragments of Tokamak Corporation (TokaCorp?) survived, however, and have since been hunting for Kylerianne – not because she caused the destruction of Tokamak (they aren’t aware of this), but because she still holds the promise of eternal life for non-androids. Kylerianne has, however, repeatedly wondered if she somehow caused the other jungle box failures. She thought she had properly set up the virus to be non-replicating, but…

Over the past two decades, Kylerianne has spent time both reshaping her new body to better match her old one and re-acclimating to life outside the sun. Her one abortive attempt at contacting the Castrovellian elves went even worse than she had expected, nearly costing her her life. Freed from ties to anyone, Kylerianne has spent far too much time lately simply being alone.

Racial Relations

Androids: Kylerianne gets along poorly with other androids. She knows full well that she’s not like them, and if they learn about her past she is usually regarded with a mix of irrational dislike and fear (of the unknown). While Kylerianne has known some excellent androids (see, for example, Captain Aleksana Guryari), her treatment by the majority of them over the past century has been poor.
Drow: Kylerianne does not have the racial hatred of drow that most elves have, having no memories before the Gap. That said, the racial hatred that drow have for elves makes Kyleiranne avoid them as much as possible.
Elves: Aside from those of the Priserriapn Valley, on Triaxus, elves tend to either believe Kylerianne is an android trying to pass as an elf, which triggers all of their xenophobic tendencies, or they believe Kylerianne is an abomination of nature (even though it was through no fault of her own). Kylerianne does not let on to most people just how much this hurts her.
Humans: Kylerianne gets along well with most humans, although she usually thinks much more long-term than they do. However, those who hold slaves (especially other androids) earn her hatred simply by existing. She also hates drug and crime lords, for similar reasons.
Kasathas: Kylerianne has a lot of respect for the kasathan mindset. Having no personal memories from before the Gap, she can fully relate to the way the kasathas keep their history close. The fact that they managed to enter the Pact Worlds and yet not feel the need to fight their way in is a huge plus in her book.
Lashuntas: Kylerianne has known quite a few lashunta in her time, and they have almost all been uniformly good people. The lashuntas may have quarreled with the elves who went back to Castrovel, but Kylerianne was never one of them.
Shirrens: Kylerianne has had nothing but good things to say about the shirrens. In fact, she usually goes to some length to practice their speech-names in order to not mangle them when speaking. The shirren focus on individualism meshes well with the original elven focus on individualism, which Kylerianne still emphasizes. In addition, the fact that Kylerianne missed the Swarm’s attack on the Pact Worlds means that she doesn’t fear them, as many do.
Verthani: Kylerianne loves the verthani and their outlooks, but she finds their cities irritating to stay in.
Vesk: Kylerianne hates – and secretly fears – the vesk. Besides personally being there at the Battle of Aledra, she spent time on the front lines of the Silent War, and it was a vesk colonel’s boot that broke her spine. She missed the Swarm’s attack on the Pact Worlds, and the vesk’s alliance with the Pact Worlds shocked her beyond belief once she learned of it.
Ysoki: Kylerianne loves the energy and speed of ysoki culture, although she finds keeping up with it to be exhausting.

Kylerianne Mayejisoth

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