Serantiah-Daksana "Striker"

Male Vesk, Daksa to close friends only, Striker to everyone else


Soldier (Dex), Guard Build
Themeless (Perception added as Class Skill)
Homeworld: Nisis, the Diaspora

At 6’4", and 230 lbs, a bit on the small side, even for a male Vesk. Quick and agile, his reflexes honed by underwater conflict on Nisis, he is a competent soldier. True Neutral, and Godless, he strives to find his place in a universe he feels is indifferent to him

Dex- 18
Str- 13
Con- 14
Wis- 10
Int- 8
Cha- 10

Derived Stats:
Hp 13/Stamina 9
Move 40/35 (encumbered)
BAB +1
Initiative +4
Fort +4/Ref +4/Will +2
Resolve 5
Low Light Vision, Natural Weapons, +1 AC in Armor, +2 v Fear saves

Acrobatics 8, Piloting 8, Perception 4


Armor Training:
Check Penalty reduced by 1/Max Dex increased by 1


Gill Sheath Implant

Second Skin, Light Armor
EAC 16/KAC 17
1 Slot w/ Infrared Sensors,
Light Bulk

Light Reaction Cannon, Heavy Weapon
+ 5 hit, 1d10P, Penetrating
90’, 6 shot mag, 20 extra rounds
Bulk 3

Assault Hammer, One hand Melee
+ 2 hit, 1d6B + 1
Bulk 1



Home: the Diaspora,
specifically Nisis,
after the end of the silent war,
his father took work as a mercenary guard
(he never knew his mother,
or any other family).
Following in his father’s footsteps,
though lacking any passion for the job,
he was fitted with a Nisisian gill sheath,
enrolled in Martial training,
and became a gun for hire in the Diaspora.

Serantiah-Daksana "Striker"

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